The first of its kind for home use, Fillerina's signature dermo-cosmetic treatments rival doctor's office injectables for replenishing lost Hyaluronic Acid (what gives skin its youthful plumpness).

Needle-free, a 2-week Fillerina treatment beautifully fills wrinkles, firms, contours and restores diminished volume in eyes, cheeks and lips for smoother, thicker skin.

A clinically-tested collection of luxury treatments and creams will  give lasting results for up to four months.


Advangen develops and sells scientifically validated treatments for various forms of hair loss, as well as premium products that address changes in the hair and scalp due to aging. Developed from Japanese scientific research, Advangen’s products have a well understood mechanism of action and are backed by independent scientific testing.

Advangen’s discovery and product development processes are the same ones used to identify and test new medicines for treating human disease.

Now with the acquisition as sole distributor of Fillerina in Australia, Advangen strives to provide anti-aging solutions that are first in class, best in class for consumers worldwide.